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Product name: STB7800
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Product Type: STB7800
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Product Details

1. The light source adopts two high-quality halogen bulbs as alley  lights, 4 as takedown lights and 8 high-efficiency xenon  bulbs as strobe lights( or 4 rotating lights distributed on the left and right symmetrically),  the strong brightness send out from all directions can transfer signal correctly even on extremely jumbled occasions.
2. It adopts stainless steel, aluminium alloy and PC material, which makes it durable and reduces its weight.
3. It possess feature of waterproof, dust-proof and weather resistance, it is suitable for police wagon, fire engine, ambulance and mobile machinery shop and on speedways for danger signal  lights.

Color : Red,blue,amber,green,transparent
Material : PC
Power : 120W
Weight : 10.2kg
Size : 1270*388*245mm