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Product name: STB7030
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Product Type: STB7030
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Product Details
  1、Super-thin full sealed design,waterproof and dustproof;multi-flash modes are arranged in ring,more remarkable lighting effect than ordinary light;It is made from Aluminum alloy material with stronger anti-impact ability.
    2、【Dome】Imperted high-strength PC material,with excellent Iustrous and high penetrating-fog ability.
    3、【Base】Aluminum alloy material,desirable and decent and fine technique.
    4、【Loudspeaker】Install inside or outside of light bar at your option.
    5、【Flash,alley light】23w/35w excellent halogen bulb.
    6、【Strobe light】Imported xenon tube and special controlling circuit by 5-flash mode with high efficiency and more than 10,000,000 times for using.Square,rectangular and round shape are optional.
    7、【Controlling way】Separate control switch in matched siren.