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SLED5095 Solar warning light
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Product name: SLED5095 Solar warning light
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Product Type: SLED5095
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Product Details
It mainly adopted the most advanced solar-energy battery from overseas which can self-charge,it can work without any electricity.This light was self-control,when the ray can satisfy the technique,it can work and make sure the function of caution.The appearance is a super-thin profile,individual hexagon shape design,clear line and full-sealed design.
It mainly adopted LED as the lamp-house,had no machine part.No mechanic abrasion or noise.High light efficency ¡¢energy saving¡¢good light¡¢strong anti-backlight and penetrating-fog ability¡¢steady performance and long power consumption.
Double layer of aluminum alloy provides strong anti-impact ability and can bear corrupt.PC dome,electroplated with crystal ,it was dealed with by the advanced technics,so the dome have much higner transparency,better anti-aging and hard to color fade.

Voltage DC3V
Working current 0.2A±0.05A
The charge voltage 5-6V
The charge electricity 0.2-0.8A
The charge time 8~10hour
The work time 11~14hour
The self-control illumination more than 5 Lx less than 30Lx
The flash frequency 60-150times/min.
The work temperature -40℃~+55℃