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New stun gun cell phone CP6607
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Product name: New stun gun cell phone CP6607
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Product Type: CP6607
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Product Details
Provides discrete non-lethal protection
Exact look and feel of a high-end smart-phone, so realistic no one will know unless you tell them
Intimidating, super powerful 6 Million Volt Stun Gun
Small, compact, light, easy to conceal
Less than 4 1/2` tall and half an inch thick""
Built in LED flashlight provides powerful light source when needed
Deluxe holster with clip for easy carrying
Disable pin to prevent an attacker from taking this Stun Gun away and using it on you. You where a strap around the wrist that attaches to a disable pin located on the bottom of the Stun Gun. If the unit is taken away, the disable pin pulls out, preventing it from working. Note: A plug is included for those who do not want this feature.
Fully rechargeable Stun Gun comes equipped with AC Adapter with Charging Status Indicator, so you know when it is fully charged.
Dimensions: 4 1/4` T x 2` W x 1/3` D'
Weight: 8 oz.
Does NOT function as a real cell phone
No questions asked Lifetime Warranty

Streetwise SamStun Rechargeable Cell Phone
Stun Gun Deluxe Holster
Disable Pin with Wrist Strap
Flat Head Disable Plug (for those who do not want to use the disable pin)
Instruction Manual
AC Charger with Charge Status Indicator Light

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