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Product name: LTF8720
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Product Type: LTF8720
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Product Details
Color: Red,blue,amber,white and green
Material: PC
Power: 66W/50W
Weight: 10.5kg
Size: 1200*300*145mm

Working voltage


Working power

66W ? max ?


Working current

5.5A (max)

4.2A (max)


Front:6pcs red big power LED
6pcs blue big power LED
Rear: 6pcs red big power LED
6pcs blue big power LED

Front:6pcs red big power LED
6pcs blue big power LED
Rear: 6pcs red LED
6pcs blue LED

Environment temperature

-4 0 ? - 55 ?


Cathode Shell

Overall size

1200 ?300 ?145mm

Net weight




I?Hot points:
It's the latest development by our company. LED light source with polycarboname lens, which be strengthened by
plating film and does not depigment under sun shine.Aluminium alloy for frame has super impact ability. Waterproof,
 dust proof design.Strobe tube from Germany is high efficiency with energy saving, anti-background light and
penetrating mist ability.
Computer chip controls flash pattern and speaker placed out of lightbar can be suitable
for all kinds of emergency vehicles.
II?Parts and material:
Frame: aluminium alloy material with good impact ability
Lens: polycarbonate with film plating to strengthen treatment?hardness> 4H,transparence> 9 color red/blue/amber
Light source?Powerful LED tube and xenon tube, including  10pcs powerful LED,
9pcs normal LED and 2pcs bridge style strobe.
Special driving circuit with less energy consume, shining bright and long life.
Lightcar can be controlled by light control switchs on siren panel
Speaker can be placed inside.
III?Flash pattern: From middle to both sides
IV?Technical Parameter?
Environment temperature: -45??60??
Working voltage? DC 12V
Power? 65W?
Fuse? 5.5?