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JS6800 Mobile phone model
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Product name: JS6800 Mobile phone model
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Product Type: JS6800
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Product Details


1,power voltage:4.8v



4,output:over 1200kv,can make custom request voltage.
1,push the shock switch then can shock.

2,push the flashlight switch,then can use the flashlight.

3,perhaps the power of the new device is not full,please check if recharge or not.

4,the plugs is build inside,when push out the plugs out,then can recharge

5,recharge time:3-5hours,when recharge,please do not use.

6,before use the device,please confirm the power of the battery.

7,please do not put wet,sun,rain,and high temperature environment.

8,avoid shock time over 5second once

9,please do not shock the metal

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