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Product name: JS1125 Electrolite High Voltage Stun Gun and Tactical Flashlight
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Product Type: JS1125
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Product Details

400 lumen tactical flashlight: Not only a handy, daily flashlight, this is a blinding ultra bright light visible from over 100 yards away

High voltage Stun Gun: A volt-trashing Stun Gun is a push-button away, loud enough to scare off any unwelcomed attacker before they approach

Tail cap striker: Built-in tail cap striker for self defense or shattering glass

Type III Aluminum, Aircraft Grade Body: Enforcement throughout the body allows for durability and longevity

Dual charging: Charge at home or in the car, this unit comes with two charging options

Rechargeable Battery: Save money on batteries, this flashlight Stun Gun is rechargeable and comes with a charging cord

Enhanced CREE bulb for the brightest flashlight available in a Stun Gun

Enhanced aluminum reflector system

On/off safety switch to prevent accidental discharge

Up to 100,000 hour bulb life

Includes holster

Includes car and wall charger

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