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GC1001 Hand held metal detector
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Product name: GC1001 Hand held metal detector
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Product Type: GC1001
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Product Details
Function features:
*Simple and convenient operation
*Fairly low consumption of battery
*Extremely high detecting speed
*Extremely high accuracy and sensitivity
*The battery management system continuously monitors the deficiency of power and voltage.
*Most adapting to the man's hearing difference, it will generate different alarm tones depending on the size and distance of metal.
*The alarm sound will last when finding metal and continuously lock its correct position.
*The probe will give an alarm easily when a pin is 35mm to it.
Product parameters:
External dimensions: Length 395 mm*140 mm
Product weight: 20/box, 13 kg/box
Unit gross weight: 0.5 KG/1 PCS
Working power supply: 6F22ND 9 V battery (alkaline battery,
rechargeable battery)
Alarm modes: Simultaneous sound and light alarm

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