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Product name: CP6601 SMART PHONE
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Product Type: CP6601
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Although it is only 5/8" thick it packs a mean punch - great power and perfectly disguised. This cell phone stun gun has a built in plug that slides out of the bottom for recharging and features a wrist strap disable pin that deactivates the gun when the pin is removed.

Super Thin Smart Phone design: Fits easily in any pocket or purse. Blends in for discrete protection close at hand.
Awesome Power: Amazingly bright and loud spark, especially considering the ultra-thin design. Plenty of stopping power.
Bright LED Flashlight: Hard to believe, but this Stun Gun also features a remarkably bright, two bulb LED flashlight built right into the top of the gun. A very handy feature and good for temporarily blinding your attacker.

Slide Out Recharging Plug: No cord to worry about. When it is time to charge the gun, slide out the plug and plug it into any standard 110V 15a outlet. Charge up to 12 hours and do not recharge for at least 90 days unless you are sure it is low on power. Do not overcharge. Because of the slim design and the crazy number of features this gun has, the plug must slide straight out of the back of the gun. When plugged in the gun will stand out from the wall by its full length. Even though the gun is very light, in some outlets the gun may not stay plugged in. We highly recommend charging it in a floor power strip or with a small extension cord whenever possible.

Safety Switch: The three position safety switch turns on the stun feature and the LED flashlight. Down position is off, middle position activates the flashlight (on this gun the light stays on without having to hold down a button like most guns), and all the way up activates the stun feature so the gun can be sparked with the stun trigger button located just above the sliding switch. Like all Stun Guns - never spark longer than one second at a time unless the gun is in direct contact with a person or animal. If you hear the spark - one second or less to prevent damage to the gun

Secure Belt Clip: This Stun Gun does not come with a holster. The Smart Phone Stun Gun snas securely into a holder that has a belt clip that rotates 360 degrees. The clip is spring loaded and actually wraps around the bottom of your belt so it cannot accidentally slip off. 

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