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BPP980 series Bulletproof Plate
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Product name: BPP980 series Bulletproof Plate
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Product Type: BPP980-2
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High Performance armor plate covers two categories:
1. The armor plate is laminated with PE UD fabric. Different protection level standard requires different lamination technique. The armor plate features in light weight, good bulletproof performance, anti-chemical erosion, UV resistance, and waterproof. It is the lightest armor plate material at home and abroad.

2. The armor plate is laminated with PE UD fabric and alumina ceramic, which is stick together with high tenacity resin. The composites armor plate is widely applied in bulletproof materials for tank and armored-vehicle.

High Performance Bulletproof Plate Specification:
Model Product Specification Density Performance
BPP980-1 PE Bulletproof Plate 1200Ã-1600mm 6kg/m2 NIJ Standard IIIA
BPP980-2 PE Bulletproof Plate 1200x1600mm 22kg/m2 NIJ Standard III
BPP980-3 PE insert 250x300mm 1.6kg/pc NIJ Standard III 
BPP980-4 PE&Ceramic insert 250x300mm 2.25kg/pc NIJ Standard III
BPP980-5 PE&Ceramic insert 250x300mm 3.0kg/pc NIJ Standard IV